Carpet Cleaning and the 5 Secret Questions to Ask Any Carpet Cleaner

With these five questions you will be able to hold any carpet cleaner accountable for their claims and promises. If you’re intention is to hire a top carpet cleaner you will gain a huge advantage by asking these questions first. When you utilize these questions you are putting yourself in a much better position to hire a genuine carpet cleaning professional rather than hiring one of those cleaners who prey on consumers who don’t know what to ask. Here are the five questions to ask any carpet cleaner

1. What sort of guarantee do you give me that you will tossncook do a good job? Now, if for any reason the carpet cleaner can’t give you a guarantee I would question his or her abilities. A guarantee should be something like a 100% money back guarantee or a satisfaction guarantee. Not a 100% guarantee that all the stains will come out. If a cleaner guaranteed that I would definitely no believe them. Try not to get yourself caught up into a bidding war where you have one cleaner trying to out bid another cleaner in hope of hiring the one who offers you the best price. The cleaners who play this game know they can afford to trick you into a cheep booking price as they make their profit while in your home zmiiv when they fool you into believing your carpets require extra work. When you get fooled into this you won’t know it until it is too late.

2. Can you show me that you are a member of a prominent trade association? Should you find a carpet cleaner is not a member of any trade association try not to blow them off at this hoodpay stage as being a member is not the be all and end all rather it is a small step a cleaner may take to shoe how genuine he or she may be. Here are some of the trade associations to look for, the IICRC, ACCI, NUCCA and wool safe just to name a few.

3. Do you carry valid insurance? Insurance is vital; I have no other way of saying it. Without insurance you have absolute no cover from the carpet cleaner what so ever. The number of stories I know of where a consumer has had a carpet cleaner break, smash or scratch something that they couldn’t pay for is monstrous. Any carpet cleaner that doesn’t have insurance and had a bad reputation rnkhabri where they have caused such damage is nothing more than a common rip ff artist. Take note to be 100% clear they have legitimate insurance. Be sure to view the certificate of currency and not the expiry date so you are positive you are covered if they make any mistakes.

4. What carpet cleaning examinations have you passed and can you provide evidence? As a rule of thumb it is recommended to see the certification before you make your decision as many technicians will tell you anything over the phone just to get the booking. Note the following… When viewing a cleaners certifications it is not so important that it is a currant certification as it is that they have actually passed to earn this certification. Just as long as they have completed the curriculum is sound enough to say they have expertise on proper carpet cleaning techniques. Should you have a cleaner start telling you of the amount of years Rare movies on DVD experience they have then you know it is merely an excuse as they have no formal education in carpet cleaning. Should you hire them at that point you have an added risk so I recommend you don’t. Think about this for a minute, would you invest in an electrician if they were not licensed? Probably not, so why is it any different with a carpet cleaner? Only because of the value you place on the job. Take note, it’s not exactly the same thing, no but it is important if you own carpets with a substantial value because should something happen to them as a result of bad workmanship guess who might have to fit the bill? Best you ask the right questions in the first place and qualify the cleaner.

5. Why do you think it is beneficial for me to choose you rather than someone else? When you ask such a bold but necessary question you will find it can really throw the unprepared cleaner off his thinking but the professional will usually have a very good answer and be prepared for such a good question and that is what you want. Try to take a careful not and pay attention to the answer you are given. If they are coming from authority and sound very confident yet polite I suggest they are most likely a quality professional. If not then again I suggest not hiring them.

Now this is important, just because you asked these five questions it doesn’t mean you are hiring a good carpet cleaner. Please make sure you ask for some kind of written proof of all you have asked. Many cleaners don’t have any such proof. Just because you are informed by a voice on the phone that they do all you ask doesn’t mean a thing unless you view genuine and written verifications. I would never hire a company that promises the world but doesn’t deliver what they promise. If you ask for proof and they said they will provide it then that is exactly what they should do. If not then I would not hire them. It is sad that a high percentage of the carpet cleaning technicians are not true industry professionals. One reason for this is the entire carpet cleaning industry is un-regulated. This has been the hard lesson learned by many consumers who originally has the best. You will understand if you have ever been through such an ordeal and know precisely what I’m talking about.

It is sad to know there are so many carpet cleaners who prey on unsuspecting consumers. Like the big guy with his mates picking on the little guy in a primary school play ground. It just shouldn’t be allowed. You merely need to do a simple Google search on carpet cleaning to see what is going on.


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