Put News Media To Work For You – Consumer News “On Your Side” Programs

In an unknown corner of many TV news station websites exists a team of folks dedicated to helping keep consumers safe and informed. 1stchoicepestcontrol These teams are often referred to as “On Your Side” consumer action teams. They are constantly on the lookout for consumer stories relating to scams and fraud. When they find them, they can forewarn the public during their TV news segments and in many cases help thwart scams before they hit the mainstream.

Consumer are often not aware of these news teams, or how to contact them for help. When you are looking for help, a great first step I always recommend is a Google search. valuebul A simple search for on your side consumer returns hundreds of consumer news team links that can help you get started.

You can also try searching for your city name along with the keyword “on your side”. If you know of a few local TV stations, check their website for a consumer’s section. If you are having trouble, civirtualtours often you can use what is called the “sitemap”. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the News station website, most will have a sitemap link that leads to a page like this. Browsing the sitemap will help you locate the consumer help section much faster.

Another online resource that can help is. They offer a free tool to send your message or question to all the main TV news stations in your area. vitamondo

Consumers in trouble should not overlook the power of news media. TV news stations can help expose fraudulent companies, warn other consumer and in some cases even help get you a resolution to your problem.



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