Dog Health Care – How to Keep Your Dog in Tip Top Shape?

Proper dog health care is, in many ways, the same as proper human health care. Balanced nutrition with fresh food and plenty of clean water and adequate exercise will keep your dog healthy and happy. Dogs, like humans are subject to a host of health disorders that can be caused by obesity, igaming marketing lack of exercise and ingestion of ‘bad for you’ foods and drugs. In other words, if your dog is slovenly, lazy and gluttonous he will face the same host of physical problems as his master – heart disease, joint problems, canine diabetes etc. On the other hand, if your dog has a healthy diet and gets plenty of exercise he will have a longer life, improved muscle tone, suffer fewer ‘late-life’ diseases and overall have a happier life.

The first, and perhaps most important thing you can do to ensure proper dog health care in the home is to provide a clean water supply. Keep a good sized water bowl made of porcelain or metal that will hold a proper amount for your dog’s breed and size. Alternatively, bitpapa use a filtrated bowl with an auto fill feature so that your dog always has fresh water available. Also, be aware of the additives that have been put in the water if your water comes from a municipal supply. Basically, the same chemicals that are harmful to you will be harmful to them. When in doubt filter their water.

The next most important thing you can do to ensure your dog’s health is to feed them good quality ‘real’ food. Just like in humans, furzly good nutrition is a key to dog health care. Try to avoid heavily processed foods filled with preservatives and additives. Definitely avoid any dog food with heavy amounts of fillers and grain. The concept of ‘dog food’ is a human invention anyway. What dogs need to eat is food that supplies the proper level of vitamins, minerals and protein – just as you do. Try and avoid your dog’s exposure to table food, moneyrule raw fish and eggs, dairy products and cheese.

Finally, when you have ensured that your dog has good quality food, fresh water and plenty of exercise, the final step you will want to take for proper dog health care is to get them regular check-ups and veterinarian visits. A good insurance policy will help with the costs spicecinemas of preventive care and provide emergency cover if it is ever needed.

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